a golden dawn

Mixed media, painting and installation- 2010

A collaborative exhibit , between myself and my husband Michael Eli. These are a few of the images from the vast collection of paintings and an installation. Shown at the Oakbook (now defunct) artspace in Jack London Square, Oakland CA.

A Golden Dawn was a visual discourse on our perceived golden era of Northern California. These paintings of forgotten artists, writers and halcyon feeling were rendered on found materials, we had saved over time from our walks through cities and open space. We sought to remind the viewer of the histories of some of the smaller less-known places that make California, gold. I brought to this conversation aspects of abstracted rituals, esoteric ideology and an awe of the wildness found here. One which I feel pervades the artistic temperment in general and has been felt by artists in this area for decades.

Show invitation designed by Savanna Snow - hand printed, letterpress by Volta Press, Oakland CA